Classmates, send in your pictures.  You have mentioned in your profiles of children, the best grandkids on earth, dogs, cats, and sometimes spouses.  There were also some hot rides in high school and I suspect you may still have some today, cars, motorcycles, etc.  So click on "Upload your photos" and then download your pictures and then "pick the preferred album" from the drop down bar and e-mail the pictures today.  Let us all enjoy them and you can brag. 
The Odds and Ends on Friday night at New Orleans

41st Reunion Kickoff Party

This album contains pictures from the 41st Class Reunion Friday night  "KickOff" party.  The event was held at New Orleans Pub & Grill in Vestavia on April 16, 2010.  The entertainment was provided by the Odds and Ends band, with our classmate Jimmy Ray Cooper playing the drums as he did in high school.  The band as you remember played at our homecoming dance in 1968.
Mr. Goebel and Bonita get things started

41st Reunion Breakfast

The 41st Reunion Breakfast was held at Dales Southern Grill in Hoover on Saturday, April 17.  Mr. Wales Goebel spoke to the classmates as he did many years earlier.  The pictures in this album are from the breakfast.
Berry Today

School Tour 2010

During the 41st Reunion weekend, there was an informal tour of the old Alma Mater.  The school  has changedsince we graduated in 1969 with additional buildings being added as well as athletic fields.  The main change has come in the last few years with no students there during the school year.  The school is now located in the City of Vestavia Hills and is owned by the City of Hoover.  Hoover last used the facility for Berry Middle School several years ago.  I drive by the old scdhool most weeks and still have fond memories of my school days.  The tour was enjoyed by all as we walked through most of the buildings, seeing old classrooms, the gym, office and finally the football stadium.  We paused in the gym and stadium for a group photo.  Enjoy the pictures in this album of the walk through. 

Mr. Rick Warren and wife

41st Reunion

The pictures in this album are from the main event.  The Saturday night finale was held at Vestavia Hill Country Club.  There were classmates, spouses, teachers, a coach and our school principal.  A DJ played our favorite tunes and the classmates discusssed the weekend events of Friday and Saturday and of course the past 41 years.  Everyone had a great time.
The planning committee of the 41st reunion

Reunion Committee

The reunion committee for the class of 1969 is made up of many classmates.  All of the members are so very different from each other, we have realtors, doctors, sales directors, housewives and house husbands, lawyers and military personnel and we have preachers.  We are so different, but we do have one thing in common, we are all Berry grads from the class of '69.  The common tread is what brought us together as a committee and the diversity, the individual ideas is what helped to make the reunion fun for all.  The fun continues for the class through the web site and through the newsletter, The Berry Blast.  It also continues for the committee members as we get together to discuss the past reunion and future events.  It's not all work as you can see from some of the attached pictures.
The Odd n Ends practicing for our Friday night function

The Past, days gone bye

This album contains pictures from our school days; gathered from classmates and others.

1969 Caravel

Check out some of these pictures from our 1969 yearbook, the Caravel.


Caravel 2

Additional pictures from the school annual.
The Plane Chick Preston flies.

Cars, Motorcycles, Airplanes, Boats

This album contains pictures of cars, airplanes, etc. pertaining to classmates