1. How do I contact one of my classmates?
You can contact a classmate by going to the Berry Classmates Page, finding their picture/profile and clicking on "Send This Person A Message"
2. How do I contact a classmate if they do not have "Send This Person A Message" on their profile?
You can send a request for the contact information at the "Contact Us" page. Your request will be considered and answered as soon as possible.
3. Why do some classmates have the "Send This Person A Message" and others do not.
The classmates that have the "Send This Person A Message" have completed  their profile on the classmates page. This allows individuals to send this person an email but  email address in never shown on the web site.
4. If I enter my information on the Classmate page, can people see my phone number and e-mail address?
No one other than a few committee member can see this information.  If someone sends you an e-mail by clicking on "send this person a message", at your picture, they do not see your e-mail address either.  Only if you respond do they see your e-mail address.  The information is private.