Enjoy the questions and think back to the fun days of High School.  After you answer the quiz questions and submit your answers, your results will pop up. 
Looks like somebody doesn't like quizes
Looks like somebody doesn't like quizes
1) Name the 4 class officers and the offices they held.
Frank Vines, President; Paula Young, VP; Diane Gates, Secretary,; Johnny Crawford, Treasurer
Benny Carl, President; Cousin Cliff, VP; Howdy Doody, Secretary; Country Boy Eddie, Treasurer
Bill Bolin, President; Pat Grey, VP; Tom York, Secretary; Tiny Tim, Treasurer
2) Give the score of the Berry - Valley game
Berry 21 Valley 6
Berry 6 Valley 21
Berry 10 Valley 6

3) What did members of the Brown Cow Club wear on their shirts to identify themselves?
A skull and Crossbones
A picture of a brown cow
A safety pin with a chain attached to it
A shoe string
4) What was the name of the gossip column in the Crow's Nest?
Patty's Mouth
Richard's Rip
Mary's Mouth
Terry's Tale

5) During Buccaneer Week, what enabled a girl to talk to a boy?
A flirt permit
A "C" or better on the weekly 1st period class test
Coach Perkin's permission
6) Who won the All-Male Beauty Walk"
Tommy Goodwin
Gerald Glass
Jimmy Brown
Robert Hay

7) Who were the class sponsors?
Mrs Helms and Mr Snoddy
Mrs Helms and Mrs Pate
Coach Finley and Coach Perkins
Mrs Lawler and Mrs Helms
8) Who were the two head cheerleaders in 1969?
Tommy Charles and Doug Layton
Diane Steiner & Linda Poole
Susan Hibbler and Diane Steiner
Linda Poole and Diane Gates

9) Where was the Junior-Senior Prom held?
The Parliament House
Holiday Inn Hoover
Roma Country Club
10) What was the exact date of our graduation?
June 1, 1969
May 27, 1969
May 25, 1969
April 16, 2010

11) What was the Crow's Nest equivalent to "Dear Abby'?
"Anton Answers"
"Jane Says"
"Tom Gann Wishes"
"Donna Answers"
12) What special thing could the girls wear on Dress-Down Days or Buccaneer Day that they could not wear any other time?
Jeans and Slacks
Jewelry and Makeup
Gang Colors

13) From which country did our Foreign Exchange student come?
14) What new publications first appeared during our Senior year?
The Treasure Chest, our literary magazine; Bump Bump, an underground newspaper
Jimmy Ray's 10th grade book report; Butch Lauderdale's police report
Crow's Nest, the School's newspaper; Caravel, the school basketball program
Jane Watkin's date book; Chick Preston's Hot Rod Journal

15) What was our Senior Class project?
Roll Marcia Adair's house
Landscape the Senior Patio
Erect a flag pole and provide a US flag
Raise a toilet up Shades Valley's flag pole
16) What was the Senior Class gift to the school in 1969?
The assurance that we would not come back
A set of World Book Encyclopedias
A podium and two chairs for the stage
A stadium press box

17) What were Berry's three colors?
Orange, Black and Gold
Orange, Blue and White
Red, White and Blue
Orange, Black and White
18) Who was Berry's principal in 1969?
Dick Lovelady
Ted Galloway
Thomas Gann
Ringo Starr

19) Where did we go on our Senior Class Picnic
Birmingham Zoo
Star Lake
Shoney's Eastwood Mall
Six Flags Over Georgia
20) Who played for the Senior Prom?
The Odds n Ends
The Tyn Tymes
The Tams
Country Boy Eddie

21) Complete this phrase:........Tuesday at the.......Amory
First.......Green Springs
22) Where did Seniors sit at pep rallies and football games?
Anywhere they wanted to
A special section located in the middle of the stadium seating section
On the side line, next to the team
In Mr. Gann's office

23) What special cheer first appeared during our Senior year?
Rammer Jammer
We're so good.....
Hey Now
It wasn't me, it wasn't me
24) What was the name of our annual?
Crows Nest
Tall Tales

25) What preceded every announcement made by the Key Club?
We deny any knowledge of
This is a Key Club Mighty Arts Production
This time we're serious
The words to the song "Ring of Fire"
26) What special attraction did the lunchroom have during our Senior year ? (Hint: it wasn;t food)
Wi-Fi access
A jukebox

27) Where was the Senior Prom held?
Mack's Package Store, Vestavia
Pig & Whistle
The Parliament House
Wynfrey Hotel
28) What were the first two lines of the alma mater
We hold these truths to be self
All our love, respect and honor, Berry High we give to you
We the students of Berry High promise to love
As we leave these halls of Berry,

29) Who sat on either side of you during graduation ceremonies?
Gerald and Jenny, I was the third they didn't talk about
I'm not sure, I never met them
Only The Shadow knows