Berry Today
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School Tour 2010

During the 41st Reunion weekend, there was an informal tour of the old Alma Mater.  The school  has changedsince we graduated in 1969 with additional buildings being added as well as athletic fields.  The main change has come in the last few years with no students there during the school year.  The school is now located in the City of Vestavia Hills and is owned by the City of Hoover.  Hoover last used the facility for Berry Middle School several years ago.  I drive by the old scdhool most weeks and still have fond memories of my school days.  The tour was enjoyed by all as we walked through most of the buildings, seeing old classrooms, the gym, office and finally the football stadium.  We paused in the gym and stadium for a group photo.  Enjoy the pictures in this album of the walk through. 

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